Can you give a concrete N.L.P. “medecine” example ?


Yes sure: Here is a very simple but effective N.L.P Metaprogram example, based on music N.L.P. recall:

1. Listen to this Metaprogram music until your lover comes by, or simply go to your lover with this music on your walkman or mobile. Do not forget to take headphones for better effect.

2. Plug your headphones on your lover’s ears.

3. Let your lover listen to this Metaprogram music for thirty secs no more, each time.

4. Unplug your headphones from your lover’s ears.

5. Tell straight to your lover you want to make love.

6. Redo this N.L.P. Metaprogram regularly with your lover. This is the Metaprogram setup phase.

7. Metaprogram recall: You now have a powerfull N.L.P. Metaprogram music setup with your lover: Use this N.L.P. metaprogram by putting this music when you want to get a “Yes”, or some focus or attention from your lover, whatever your request…

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